Category: Product Bundles
BP: 100 RP: 200
Price: $300.00

Package Includes:
E- learning portal access : 180 Days
Live webinar training on Real Estate : 2

Product Description:

Terms and Conditions:

1- Through this pack the customer is entitled to receive unlimited access to e-learning portal for 90 days.
2- Customer will also receive 1 ticket for Professional Training Live Webinar.
3- RSTO Starter Bundle also provide 2727 RSTO Gift Points that refers to digital fractional ownership of asset holding against that specific RSTO Project.
4- Time Period for RSTO Liquidation is 3 to 5 Years from the date of launching.
5- RSTO will be available for trading on Blockchain after 90 Days from the date of launching.
6- Asset valuation will be conducted by 3rd Party consultant every 6 months and value of RSTO will be updated accordingly with the real value of the Asset at that time.
7- RSTO holders will be eligible to sell / trade RSTO after completion of Project on Blockchain.
8- All the prices, increments and profit of the project are based on the probability of raise in value of the project in future and company is not liable to any promise of fixed amount profit for RSTO Points.


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