Video Marketing Professional Bundle

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Price: $150.00

Video Marketing Professional Bundle includes:
1,000 Youtube Subscribers. 8,000 *views on your video (1 Video Only). 100% Organic and real traffic. Viewer Engagement (Like, Dislike and comments). 90 days unlimited access to e-learning portal with more than 800 course

Product Description:

1,000 Youtube Subscribers
8,000 *views on your video (1 Video Only)
100% Organic and real traffic
Viewer Engagement (Like, Dislike and comments)
90 days unlimited access to e-learning portal with more than 800 course

* Views means the number of viewers who have visited the channel and watched the video, it does not guarantee the time spent by the users watching the video.

Process of Video Marketing Campaign:

We require following details to process your order:

1) Your Video Channel Link (URL) for which you need subscriptions
2) Video Link (URL) that you need to promote.
3) Your WhatsApp or Skype ID for communication regarding your channel or content.

Video Marketing Bundle complete delivery takes up to 8 to 10 working days.

Content verification and order approval: 4 to 5 working days

Video Marketing Campaign: 4 to 5 working days

Provided video not more than 10 minutes long

In case if the content is not approved, the purchaser / user will be notified through email, WhatsApp or Skype to make the necessary changes and inform us. Kindly note that the marketing campaign will not start until the video and the channel content is verified and approved.


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